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Chongqing Hengda Hotel

Address:Evergrande Splendor, No.1 Hengda Road, Shuangfu New Town, Chongqing, China

Contact Numbers:023-65556666

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About the City  

Jiangjin, a Yangtze River port, has a history of 1,500 years, area of 3,200 square kilometers and population of 1.5 million. It’s only a half hour drive from Chongqing’s urban core and is a romantic city with beautiful scenery and pleasant climate. Simian Mountain as a national scenic and AAAA-Class spot, is famous for its forest, waterfall and unique “love culture”.  

Marshal Nie Rongzhen Exhibition Hall is a national AAAA-Class spot and a famous base for patriotic education. It presents more than 3,000 precious cultural relics, pictures and documents.

Zhongshan, Tanghe, Baisha are well known as historical ancient towns in China. Zhongshan Ancient Town is the largest and best-preserved ancient town in the east of China. While Tanghe Ancient Town is a quiet place surrounded by several rivers and remains the traditional marriage-custom venue of wedding ceremonies dating back thousands of years. Meantime, the Baisha and Tanghe Production Base attract a lot of film crews to find beautiful film settings. The “Love Ladder” was known as one of the ten classic love stories in China. The “Love Ladder” LiuGuojiang chiseled for XuChaoqing has become a symbol of pure love. Besides, Jiangjin also possesses ChenDuxiu Old Residence Exhibition Hall, National Forest Park, HeiShi Mountain, LuoLai Mountain and other natural and human landscapes.

Bus Route:

YangjiaPing---Hengda jinbi Neighborhood

Shapingba---Hengda jinbi Neighborhood

10:30-12:30 From Monday to Thursday

10:00-11:00, 12:30 From Friday to Sunday

Self-driving Route:

A. Chongqing Station---Shuangfu New District

Caiyuan Road--Yuanqie Road—Longteng Road—Chengyu Expressway—Jiangjin/Zouma Exit—Hengda jinbi Neighborhood

B. Chongqing North Station---Shuangfu New District

Yulan Road--Taishan Road—Longteng Road—Inner City Expressway—Jiangjin/Zouma Exit—Hengda jinbi Neighborhood

C. Jiangbei Airport—Shuangfu New District

Airport Expressway—Renhe Exit—Chengyu Expressway--Jiangjin/Zouma Exit—Hengda jinbi Neighborhood

D. Chengjiaping Bus Station--Shuangfu New District

1. Chengyu Expressway--Jiangjin/Zouma Exit—Hengda jinbi Neighborhood

2. Take the bus to Jiangjin at Chengjiaping Bus Station

E. Yuzhong District--Shuangfu New District

Yuanqie Road—Longteng Road--Chengyu Expressway--Jiangjin/Zouma Exit—Hengda jinbi Neighborhood

F. Jiulongpo District--Shuangfu New District

Huoju Road—turn right at Yingbing Road--Chengyu Expressway--Jiangjin/Zouma Exit—Hengda jinbi Neighborhood

G. Shapingba District--Shuangfu New District

Fengtian Road—Shixing Road--Chengyu Expressway--Jiangjin/Zouma Exit—Hengda jinbi Neighborhood

H. Jiangbei District--Shuangfu New District

Haier Road—Wugui Underpass—Inner City Expressway--Jiangjin/Zouma Exit—Hengda jinbi Neighborhood